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to any one needs information of indonesian most ecotour destiantion of SUNDA STRAIT AREA, we are Black Rhino Freelance tour organizer provide Free information online to assist you traveling of Indonesia archipelago.Black Rhino Freelance tour organizer base on environmental tourisme and be apart of National Ujung Kulon to protecting Nature,we create tour sevice such as : Krakatau tour and expedition,ujung kulon tours adventure and expedition,krakatau ujung kulon discovery tour adventure,java overland,java volkano overland,surfing tour and service accomodation hotel in Carita.Those are offer ,for your best travel in Indonesia espesiality Java.Island

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Ujung Kulon unspoiled explore adventure
Ujung KuLon national park had many times of changed status.

Ujung Kulon flora and fauna is well known by Junghun,Botanical expert from german 1846Ujung Kulon panaitan island was nominated as Nature park by the Netherland goverments decision later no.60 on 16November 1921.Decision by Netherland Goverment no.17 on 14 june 1937 is to change Ujung Kulon into Animal park by including Peucang and Panaitan Island.based on decision letter of Ministery of Agriculture no.48/Um/1958 on 17 April 1958 is to change Ujung Kulon intonature Park by including marine area of 500 meter from lowest tidal wave.Decision letter of Ministry of Agriculture no.16/ktps/um/3/1967 on 16 march 1967,gunung honje is part of Ujung Kulon nature park.North Gunung honje is part of the Ujung Kulon by decision letter of minitry of agriculture No,39/ktps/um/1979 on 11 january ,covering area of 9.498 ha,by decision letter of Ministry of forestry No.96/ktps/um/1984,covering the rea consisting of Ujung Kulon peninsula ,Gunung honje,Peucang and panaitan island,krakatau and carita recreation
park.On 15 March ,through Ministry of agriculture statement,ujung Kulon is mnaged by National park management system.1980Ujung Kulon National park Formed.based on decision letter Of director general Forest protection and nature Conservation No.44/ktps/DJ/1990,on 8 may,Ujung kulon natioanal park releasing Kraktau island to management of nature Conservation II tanjung karang,and carita recreation park To perum Perhutani unit III west Java.ujung Kulon was offically declared a National park wth the decree No.284/ktps-II/1992,dated February 26 1992.Ujung Kulon National Park and the krakatau island nature reserve declared as World heritage site by United Nation Education Sosial and culture Organization [UNESCO}with the decree no.SC/Eco/5867.2.409.on 1992.

7 DAY / 6 NITE


The tour covers Ujung kulon peninsula started from eastern, west, southern and back to the Eastern part.This tour package combination either over sea and overland [ by boat and trecking ].
Day 01
Leave at 9.00 to sumur {fisherman harbour ] take 3hrs from minibus.The boat wills take us up from Sumur to handeuleum Island by crossing Wellcome bay, 2hrs on the boat .As arrived in handeuleum Island ,we do some tours such as tracking ,fishing , or relax enjoying fisrst day trip. [sleep in simply guest house
Day 02
Short boat trip to cigenter river to canoeing . Cigenter river is an object to be viewed,which is canoeing the most pavourite tour until at the and of the river we can be continued by walking to Water fall ,Most of vegetations are be seen in the journey Tropical rain forest.. And Once a while wild life animal viewed.

The tour duration 4hrs return, and on the way back to the boat,Stop a while at Grazing ground to see animals such as wild cattle,deers, peacock birds, etc.
In the afternoon , take one hr by boat To Citelang { stay over night ]
Day 03
Citelang to Jamang Swamp by walking on the coastal marine can be reached I hr.
There are kind of Animals and coastal forest can be seen in the Swamp.But most of the vegetations grows in the Swamp area are Grass.from Jamang Swamp The tour continued by walking to Nyiur Beach is about 10 km ,can be reached 3 hrs.As arrived at Nyiur beach lunch will be served,While enjoy the beach ,swim ,and skin dive can be done.
Also Swamp and grazing ground of Nyiur are much possibly to be visited
{ Stay over night }
Day 04
Early Morning , Take on the boat directly To Pecang Island by reporting to Resort officer .The Route in fourth day is Cidaon – Cibunar – Karang Ranjang.Which is take 7 hrs by walking,its about 20 kms.All the way treck are combination between land and marine.
Object found this Along this route are lowland tropical forest,coastal forest , and arrived at Cibunar, refresh ,Lunch as well sight seeing on bush while enjoy Southern coast.
Ci bunar as a transit for those who willing tour either Karang ranjang – Cidaon.We may stay overnight here,or Continued by walking to Karang – ranjang.
Day 05
Karang –Ranjang - Kalejetan Taman jaya,take 3hrs [ 6 km ] by walking.Along this track lowland tropical forest and followed by coastal forest with kind of animal such as mammals, birds,and others.camping ground is available here.
Day 06
Kalejetan-Taman Jaya.the distance about 4hrs [ 11 km ].the track is the same in south coast land generally.we walk through the tropical rain forest.once a while wild animal passing our track.
By late afternoon arrive at taman Jaya and Stay overnight.Many object can be visited in taman jaya.
Day 07
After break fast take minibus back to Carita .
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ujung kulon 2day 1 night tour

Ujung kulon visited most area of Ecotourisme

Jakarata-carita –jakarta

Day 01

Leave at 8 o’clock,take 3 hrs by fast boat cruises to South west direction of carita.90 kms distance .all the way long to the national park,keep your eyes open , you may see a frigate soaring high over head. Flicking its scissor like tail as it changes direction with hardly a flap of its wings.As well Dolpins often come to greet the boat and play alongside it or in front of the prow.You may also be lucky enough to see a white- Bellied Sea Eagle as you approach the Island.

As arrive in Peucang Island ,check in to the Hotel/Guest house. continued to Karang – Copong by trecking .
Can reached 3 hrs return.Along the Route kind of the Anmals and big treeTropical Forest are found.{Karang= Reef,Copong =Holes}.

By late evening cross by boat to Cidaon Grazing Ground to see wild life animals.might be seen in the morning or afternoon.
Day 02
In the morning leave to Light house by boat ,as arrive in the harbour continued by walking .Tanjung layer Lighht house is a historical ruins and building built during Dutch Colonization.It is planned to be Trade big Peer. Besides these history ,you may enjoy the Indian Ocean just aface your sight.Primates as well common seen here.Total tour duration 4hrs , before leave to carita,back to the hotel and lunch will be served. At the same day skin dive on the way to carita with so beautiful marine diversity in Blue lagoon crystal water of citerjun.afternoon arrive in Carita ,stay or return to Jakarta.



4 D / 3 N Tour

Start/End carita

Day 01

Carita to Sumur (fisherman Village) take 3 hrs by car.continued trip on boat to handeleum Island, its take another 2 hrs. Stop in the Badul Island for skin Dive a while, Arive in handeuleum island by dark time,and stay overnight.Handeuleum Island has kind of objects to be viewed, such as canoeing at cigenter river, grazing ground where the wid life animals are common seen.

Day 02

Short baat trip to cigenter river,for canoeing, a long the way we can enjoy the view untill at the end of cigenter river which is we can continued by walking to a beautifull water fall.After lunch we are crossing the welcome bay for next place to Citelang .(stay overnight)

Day 03

Start early in the morning walking through beach to Jamang Swamp.we can visit inside the Swamp to see Animals ;such wild pig,wild cattle ,many kind of birds. (Peacock, horn bill,heron etc.)The tour continued by walking to the west, that is LAGOON WARU to enjoy beautifull of Crystal water and white sandy beach while snorkeling and swimming can be done here, take onto the boat,goes directly to Peucang Island to stay over night.

Day 04

Trecking to karang Copong take 3 hrs return. Along the tracking route ,deers,birds and tropical forest with big trees are found.and ended at karang copong that is big reefs located inmarine, it is a nice place to take aphotograph with opposite to Indian Ocean. Back to Sumur will take after lunch,carita Tour will End.
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